Week two

Well, we finished our week on a high note. There was a promised spelling test, & everybody made 100’s – Yay!

So I went shopping last week to Walmart (rare trip – we don’t like Walmart very much), & I found great deals for Annie for some new dresses!

I took Saturday to make this:


Cute, huh. The pattern was 99c & the material was .375c /yard. Wow!!!!  Also, it was super easy to make & modest.

Once I finished Annie’s dress, I attacked the school desk. Needed to spice up the room, and I had this paper already .


It’s just scrapbook paper applied with homemade Mod Podge (thank you, Pinterest).

Oh, so Monday I gave them free time after lunch, and what do they choose to do? Read out of their Bible story books! 🙂

So yesterday, after we had a free breakfast from Chick-fil-la, they wrote letters to their Grandmommy. It teaches them that yes, we still write letters (not just email) & be appreciative of people (she fixed Austin’s dog & let them watch movies she’d DVR’d).

Today their big project is writing lines of the alphabet. I’m trying to get them neater & neater. Then it’s math drills – Yay!

Love to you all,


A new school year for Lane Christian Academy!

The new school year has arrived … we are working hard in our brand-new one-room schoolhouse! Thank you for sharing in our journey through this new year. Who knows what we’ll learn, but it will be fun! 🙂 love to you all, Rachel

Studying from the new England Primer

The school desk where the students learn!

Studying from the new England Primer