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Week Three

While KISD started their first week of school, We are on week three! We had tests in handwriting, spelling, and math. Yep, we’ve got lot of work ahead of us, but it’ll be fun.

Oh check out what the kids did Sunday.


I can’t believe Austin will be 6 on Friday!  Where has time gone?!

Love to you all,


Days 2&3

Sooooo … yesterday we started our day with a scavenger hunt at the Harker heights community park with some of our co-op friends, ate lunch there, then did some much needed grocery shopping. After we got home, we had school and they were treated to a rental of ’The Lorax’. For now, Tuesday will be a shorter school day because we have Quest Club with a few other local homeschool families. And … next Tuesday it will be at our house for a lesson on sewing & then how to make solar ovens (pics to follow). Today we focused on spelling & writing, and math. I’m looking for a math site where i can get maybe a page of quick problems for a “math minute” review. i think that challenge will help Austin. Oh and … Annie lost tooth #8. She’s excited for the tooth fairy visit. After a good Bible study, it’s now their bedtime for an early school day tomorrow. Love to you all, Rachel